2003 vs. 2004 WR450F

Can somebody tell me what changed on the WR450F between 2003 and 2004?? I can save a buch of $$ with a new 2003 WR450F from my local dealer but I want to know what's missing in the 2003...

One significant item. The '04 has a new starter drive design that eliminates all the failures that the '03 had. I would not recommend buying a 2003 unless the dealer will upgrade the starter drive. All of the parts are retrofittable. Total cost is in the $250-$300 range. The other changes are less significant (aluminum kickstand, etc).

To find all the changes for the new year, it's best to check the Yamaha website. But for a recap, the starter is revised, it has a better(out of the way), lighter kick stand. Coated forks, and I think overall, it lost 2 pounds. Not 100% on the weight issue.

Don't get an 03. They are dropping the price because they know these could blow apart due to starter issues. If you can avoid 1st year models, do so. Get the 04 unless they agree to swap the 03 starter for the 04 for free.

The biggie is they fixed the woodruff key/e-start problem for 2004! :)

Exactly how much money would you be saving over the '04? $1,000? $1,500?

I wouldn't hesitate buying an '03 model as long as the upgrade starter parts had been installed. As was stated in another reply, $250-$300 will buy the upgrade to correct the problem and I'm sure you could get the dealer to include it . Otherwise, I'd pony up the extra money and get the '04.

buy an 04. better resale value. better crank as well as starter gears. :) and a side stand that likes to sink.

It's a 2004 for me. Thanks for the help!!!!

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