tank for sale

Hey guys, I'm a traitor. I had two '98 YZ400's and now have an '02 CRF. Anyhoo, I have an IMS 3.0 gallon tank for sale that I kept off my last YZ. The tank has only been used a few times. It has no battle scars and is in excellent condition. I know the tank was expensive but I need rid of it. Somebody make an offer and we can discuss shipping later. FYI, I am in Birmingham, AL.

What color is the tank, and will it fit an 01' 426?

Does it come with its own petcock etc. ??



The tank is clear. I'm not sure about fitting an '01 426 but the tanks have changed very little. I do know the tank on the '01 was of smaller capacity than that of the '98. It comes with a cap, no petcock, no mounting bracket. The parts from your stocker will have to be transplanted. It's really no big deal. You will, however, need a longer hose since the petcock goes on the right side down low. Send me your email in a PM and I'll email you a pic of it on my '98.

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hilton- I have a blue made for 01 IMS for sale with new petcock and fuel hose. It is 3.2 gallon I think. I live in Atlanta...make offer.

Just wanted to get my 'for sale' sign back on the daily list.

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