No clearance with handguards (lever hits)

I just bought some tusk d-flex handguards and the clutch lever hits the metal bar, so I moved it down and it hits the plastic, there is not enough clearance for the clutch lever to be operated without touching the guard. Any suggestions?

maby move the clutch perch in a bit :)

cut the ball off the end of the lever. if your uncomfortable with the look or feel you can bend the end up a little without it breaking off. the new wr's have a different lever from the yz's so finding a shortie will be tough. some catalogs list them as the same but there not. or go z-start.

You might want to look into getting a MSR Raptor clutch lever set up. It has an adjustable pull. Makes the clutch pull lighter or harder if you like, and it has a cool shorty lever with a built in rubber gripper. They are fairly inexpensive as well. About $40 for the whole set up.

I had the same problem with my Bark busters. I had to "Tweek" the bark busters in the vise until everything fit. Still to this day when the weather is really HOT, the clutch levers ball end gets a little sticky on the bark buster (it's really close). The other thing I do is rotate my levers / perches down just under the guard. Food for thought :)

Thanks, I talked to a mechanic friend of mine and he suggested I move the lever on the bars more to the inside. I did and it worked. It now has clearance. Thanks for the posts.

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