How does a crf250x power feel compared to a 250 mx bike

Softer, more tractor-like. A 250X with an R cam is a terrific trail bike, but it lacks some of the snap of an R, in a way that is good for trails.

All depends on the terrain you ride and how you ride. My X has the CCC mods, JD Jetting, and had a R header with Yosh muffler. When I started riding more technical trails I went back to stock X exhaust and added a Stealhy flywheel. I had intake valve recession so could have gone to the 07 R head for more power but instead went with a X head for the bottom end. A slight exhaust mod finished the mods and the engine now has bottom end throttle response very much like a XR250R, and without losing much top end.  My focus was on the engine speeds that I use most often.  How many times on a ride will you run thru the gears at 12krpm compared to engine stalls during technical stuff? An extra 5hp on the top end won't get you thru the woods faster if you must stop and restart the engine because of flame outs or stalling on technical obstacles. Also a 450 because of its more bottom end power is actually slower in the woods, I can't pass them on straights but I can harass them all day long with my XR200R.

A stock X is about 24hp, very close to a 96+ XR250R. CCC mods bring it up to maybe 30hp, typical R about 32hp,  and a  good R with all of the right stuff might get to 35hp.  The problem is the extra HP comes with a loss of bottom end, which is not good for trail riding.
I've owned a lot of old open class MX bikes and they were mid 30s for HP but had a very nice bottom end power so were good for trail riding. The new MX bikes are very focused on tract performance so we now have 35hp 250 MX bikes with very little bottom end for trail riding and 450 MX bike with 50hp and too much bottom end for trail riding.
The good news is we now have more choices.

Yeah I was riding my friends kx250f and 3rd gear had less torque than my modded ttr125

I have a 250 x again with all the mods ,and my friend has an 09 crf 250 r to be honest not much in it power wise except mine is a more plush ride and a sofer hit .Mine is better almost everywhere ,except , mx tracks but i have electric start which is well worth the extra few pounds ..

Although my 250X is set up for off-roading:

-heavy flywheel, very modestly cut airbox, spark arrestor removed, rejetted.

-soft suspension

-full handguards, skidplate etc.


rather than my usual YZ125 I occasionally take the CRF250X to my local MX track when conditions are really bad (muddy in early season)

although the weight is more noticeable it still does quite well on a 'vet' style track layout (tabletops / short straightaways, no whoops).

Versus my 125 it's much more controllable (and much less tiring to ride) in very critical low traction situations (short muddy run up to jumps) 


Quite a versatile bike is the old X, as I've often mentioned, my only dislike about it is that it should weight 20lbs less.

(ok I have another one, the chassis is a tight fit, the access to service the carburetor and rear shock could be easier!)


Hopefully a newer 2019+ FI version is a worthy replacement but IMO

in this application the new twin cam engine won't be as torquey down low as the old Unicam.

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