Uni Filter fastening

I got my new stuff from Rocky Mountain today, which included a Uni filter. I bought my bike used and it has an aftermarket filter on it with a hole in the middle where a wingnut and bolt hold the filter on. The new Uni filter I got doesn't have a hole for that bolt and wingnut, how do you keep the filter on? I haven't looked at it real close yet because I thought they sent me the wrong filter, but what is the deal?

Assuming it is the right size and shape and fits over the filter cage, then it sounds like a defect. My Uni had the hole in it. You could just make the hole yourself if that is all that is missing. Note that there should be a tab on the inside which also should have a hole for the little plastic post on the filter cage (same as the stocker).

Look at the filter very carefully, I got a uni that had the hole punched but the little peice hadnt fallen out. It was hangin on by a thread.

Mine has the hole, but very small, so i put my finger on it... like you know...!!! and that's it..!! :)

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