Crf250x mechanical spedometer?

Are there any spedometers that could utilize the front odometer cable? I've been looking around and can't find anything.

I'd like to remove the stock odometer and replace it with a spedo if such a gauge existed. 


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To comply with ATV trail rules here where enduro type bikes are allowed

I run one similar to this on my CRF250X, it runs fine off the OEM speedo drive/cable:


Not exactly as the link shows, mine is a simpler version with no turn signal, hi/lo headlight, neutral indicators etc. 

It's been taking a beating for 3 seasons now and still works fine, not bad for only 9-12$ shipped!

Depending on your location/requirements, search on EBay as there are MPH (Imperial) or KM/H (Metric) versions,

also check for diameter sizes, mine is about a 2" / 5cm which fits well on the triple clamp behind the headlight housing.


Can't say if the speedometer is accurate as the needle bounces a lot but,

the odometer (distance traveled) is surprisingly not too far off according to GPS/mapping of the trails I've been on.

I find it mostly useful to monitor fuel range, knowing I get about a 95-100km average before hitting the tank's reserve.


As mentioned I'm running it per rules as the trail has some speed limits in certain sections (runs on private property with permission)

and also connects trails using public roads where you must follow the posted speed limit but luckily, there is no requirement or check for it's accuracy...

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I think there would be a few available but the one i seem to remember was the small chrome round basically just a speedo type most of the custom bike makeres utilised this type as it fitted everything you can find them on- line pretty cheap i will have a look and try to put the link on here ..if it helps 


10 hours ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

Just swap it out for a digital one & put the odometer eliminator in

Heaps of digital speedos - Trail Tech or Vapor


that's hilarious. $28.45 plus shipping for a spacer. the OEM spacer and seal for the left side of the wheel do the same thing on the right side where the mechanical speedo fitting goes, for about half the cost. 


spacer 44311-kz4-j40 $8.33 on 

seal 91201-ks6-004 $7.12 on rmatvmc/com

Is this what your looking for ?292584102357 ebay uk 10 pounds 


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