Mike68 - TTR-250 Question

I'm considering buying a very slightly used '99 TTR-250 for the wife. My question: what's the changes from the '99 to the '00 or '01? Jake seems to think that they may have changed the carbs since then, but I don't know.

I can't seem to find the info on the Yammie website, or any others.

Thanks in advance.


I have no idea what the changes are to be honest. From my experience with HP and suspension, it couldnt have been much. A good play bike but kind of a dog. Good slow speed suspension and not bad in the tight stuff. After 3rd gear and up, all hits are quite noticable. 36 inch seat height.


Thought I'd let you know what I found out. A guy at Thumper Racing told me that since '99 they haven't changed a thing (except for the graphics of course.) The '01s are the same technology as the '99s

I know you were trying to sell yours, so that info might put a few more $$ in your pocket.

And I bought the '99 for my wife.


Wht did you pay for your 99?

It had only 30 miles on it. The guy (in his early 60's) bought it, took it to Moab once and got vertigo, and never rode it again.

I paid $3600--a little more than what I thought was fair. I offered him 3200 and he laughed. Dirt bikes, like jeeps, have inflated prices here in Colorado, and the used market is rare(this was the only one in the paper). I figure I saved a little $ over the dealer hassles and extra charges. If it weren't in _perfect_ condition and I didn't have a high level of trust with the guy, I would have walked.

It sure is a mellow ride! Anything I need to know about these little kittens?

Hope this info helps you sell yours. BTW, why are you selling? Seems like a great beginner/wife bike.


I am askin 3k for mine, so I am right on track. They are soft in the front and don't take hits well in and beyond 3rd gear. If you try to push the bike and ride it hard, it will s@$t on you. Also check the rear shock bottom swivel bearing pressed into the shock. They wear easily and develo a little play. You can check it on the bike stand. Withe the rear tire off the ground, gently lift it up and down. If it is lose, you will feel the play. It's a fun play bike, but not built to be ridden hard. Have fun.


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