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Bike Fever, Check it and See

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I love my 300. I want to put that out there. She's fun, she's my baby. But lord, she just ain't always around, and you know that's when I fall. I can't help myself at all. I'm getting whiskey bent and hell bound.

I kind of want a backup, plated 4 stroke. My riding buddy and best friend sometimes makes me jealous with his velvet smooth 350xcf. I'm not sure I want to drop another 9k on a bike so I'll be going used. 

My real question is how much of a pig the DRZ400 and KTM500's are on the trail? Besides the convenience of short in town jaunts these are trail intended bikes. What are your opinions/experiences?

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Love my ktm 200 xcw. So nimble. But my xr 650l get me around town and to farther trail so easily. Great bike. Very good on the trail also. You should consider it.

its heavy, but very cheap and reliable. 

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