I know I should know but?

I can't find it in the manual. Is the race sag on a '03 450 exactly 100mm or is it a little less like 95mm or even 90mm? All I can find in the manual is what the spring length is when the shock is removed.

And since you are helping me out. How high can I slide the forks up in the tripple clamps? Thanks Guys.

between 90 and 100, i set mine at 95.

my tubes are up 6mm, i think i heard of someone going as high as 10

Thanks. My tubes are up 5mm now and somehow I had the rear sag down to 70mm. I must of lost weight! Thanks again.

wow..at 70mm that thing must have been harsh

Harsh is a good way to describe it. It actually made my forks seem harsher than the shock (I guess forks were blowing right through the initial travel or riding too low in the travel to make use of the softer initial travel) I rode today witht 95 mm of race sag. The bike is fun to ride again!

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