I need Bark Busters, but which ones?????

I ran Acerbis Rally Pro's.

They are typical acerbis plastic style, with a metal bark buster inside. The best of both worlds in my book. Handguard protection, bark-buster strength.

I did not need to change my levers at all, but KTM levers may be a bit smaller or something.

My only problem was if I would go down and bend one, it was stuck bent...one nice thing about Acerbis Rally's....they are all plastic and are movable without tools if you pound really hard.

IMO the best set up is Pro Bends w/ std. sized shields and triple-clamp mounts.

They can be bent, but not easily, and cannot rotate out of position in a fall. When you tear, scratch or otherwise mar the shields those can be replaced seperately for twenty bucks.

I prefer this setup over the Acerbis Rally Pros because they:

a) offer more coverage

:) cannot rotate

c) shields can be replaced seperately

d) maybe it is just me but sometimes my pinky hits the bar on std. guards

That is my opinion.

Hope this helps.

Yep, I got those Acerbis Pro's also and they are tuff and I think they run like 60-65$ a pair. They paid for themselves the first ride after they were installed, and they look good, not to bulky and not to thin. Just my o-pin-ion.


Oh yeah, they fit my '02 426 just fine without cuttin anything, Unless you have Tag X5 Bars, then things arent that easy, the Spreader Insert Bolt (or whatever its called) wont fit correctly in Tag X5 Bars, let me know if you have Tag bars and still want Acerbis Pro's, cuz it can be done with different hardware.


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I'm with uni. I run rally pro's on my 00 426. I took a nasty dive one day 5th gear with the throttle half open- the rally pros did bent, but not as bad as the renthal bars they were bolted to :) . Miraculously, the both bent the same amount in the same places though, so they look like they came that way :D . I had to cut the ball off clutch lever to install them. They have held up good and look nice on the YZ.

Uni- can you just cut the bar end inserts to install on the X-5's? Mine didn't quite go in all the way, but I figured it was because they were slightly bent. I have had probs with the things coming loose though. I'm interested in what you've got to say on this, please let me know.

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Well, the only reason I know is because my Bro, went over the bars and wasted his stock handle-bars. He got some Tag,s and as ya know their is a taper approximately one inch inside the bar which stops the spreader bolt from slidding all the way in, well we had the same bright idea of cutting a small portion of the bolt off so that the damn thing would fit and the world would be a better place, ......WRONG. (dremmel tool, yikes)

If you cut that bolt, the portion remaining is to thick for the small nut to slide into and your screwed !!!! (cuz the bolt gets thicker as it tapers off, in order to get the tension which keeps the handgaurd tight) (wish I knew the correct terminology, sorry) Game Over Baby, now you have one ruined spreader bolt. So now you ask what the hell did we do. We spoke with a local Thumper Pimp DAdddy Mechanic who looked at us like we were insane after I told him that story. He gave us a set of Pro Taper installtion spreader bolts which worked GREAT !!! and are standard on Acerbis ProTaper installtion kits, wish they would put'em with the Pro Gaurd kits. That's my story on TAGs and Acerbis Pro hand gaurds. (nothing can work like it is supposed too..) :)

I have a race coming up and I smashed up my old bars and handguards with them. I was wondering which ALUMINUM handguards to buy. I was looking at enduro engineering but they are a bit pricey an also the moose. I want ones that you don't need to cut the levers (they claim you dont have to with enduro eng.). Thanx for any help. Please, all replies are welcome, yamaha or not. Thanx.(Even though most of you are probably motoxers and in need of no handguards.)

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