Kouba T-Handle Fuel Screw

Guys, you seriously need to check these out! Kouba Link makes T-handle extensions for existing fuel screws for $16, or you can get and extended fuel screw (fuel screw and T-handle, all one piece) for $20 (that includes shipping)!!! Personally, I think this is a great deal! Norm Kouba (the owner) is great to work with. If you read the post "Kouba T-Handle" on the CRF forum you can get more info. If you lose the puppy he'll replace it for free! Less spring, washer, and O-ring of course. My local dealer wanted almost $30 for the screw itself. This(the Kouba part) is a great value. He also mentioned an O-ring on the screw that will keep it from falling out if it is turned out too far. If you order off the website, there is a $25 minumum order, so order two and sell one to your buddy or something. The link is included, at least go check it out! They also make some trick suspension linkages (but not for the YZ's). Anyways, go check out the site, you might see something you like.

Kouba Link

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Motoman- I made your handle, and don't get me wrong you've got a good idea. BUT- here's how I look at it.

Brake line- $3

Cut, drill, cut and drill again because the drill bit wasn't perfectly straight and went out the side- 1 hr.

Bend- 1 min.

Try to drive handle onto screw, smash threads on screw- 1/2 hour

Fight the threads to try to clean them up and straighen them out- 2-3 hours

New fuel screw cuz I can't fix mine without an expensive die- $30


Kouba Extended Fuel Screw- $20

Put bowl back on carb- 2-3 min.

Install screw and adjust- 1-2 min.

Maybe I'm an idiot with a lot of money to blow (I wish I had money to blow), but I'd rather go with the Kouba. Less headache and less $

I love working on my bike and doing mods like this one and the BK, but this was one that backfired for me. I tried to do your mod and go the inexpensive route, but I messed up. I wasted a whole day trying to fix that $@!^&*^%$ screw to no avail. Didn't even get to wash my bike like I wanted to :) . Maybe I had too much on my mind and didn't pay enough attention to what I was doing, I don't know. But from where I stand right now, getting the Kouba is cheaper than a new screw from Yamaha, so why not?

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