WR 450 all that?

Is the new WR450 all that? My bro says I made a mistake buying the DRZ400S even though it was a couple thousand less. I realize the weight to power ratio and all that but I love the DRZ, so be nice now.


The DRZS is a great bike, no doubt. The only advantage I see to owning the S is it's street legal off the showroom floor and for easy dual-sporting, it's a great bike. But, if you want something race-worthy with a lot more power, ride a WR450 and see for yourself. :):D

Thanks for the reply, Hey I live right next to you in Meridian off ten mile. Good thing you gave a nice reply or I would have to track you down. haha, just a joke :). I will have get some good info on local riding spots from you one of these days. To be honest, about the only places I used to go to was about 2 miles past the State Pen and 8th st. I went out to the riding spot by the prison a month ago and its all fenced off. I guess the race track bought up the land? I have heard about riding spots in Nampa, Emmett and such but never checked them out.

Later Rich

Check your PM's, Rich. :)

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