Calling Jeff Bailey

I remember a while back some people on here were talking about some really good stuff they used to apply graphics kits with. After some digging and unclogging my brain, I remembered that it was called RapidTac and that Jeff Bailey was the man with the goods. If I remember, he was offering free samples to those who wanted to try it. Well, I've finally decided my 00 needs new graphics, and as soon as I have $180 bucks to spend I'm going to get some, and would like to try the RapidTac as well. Is it still possible to get a sample of this? If not, I may end up buying some to try. Let me know!

I sent Jeff Bailey an email regarding the free sample, I got nothing. Which is ok really, a nothing for nothing deal is fair :)

Do a rapidtac search, the threads had links to the website. If no luck, just use windex.

Ya I got nothing also

Ya think Its my Attitude :)

Wudya Think Shawn :D

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