wet sump and blue wire mod questions

i have a coupel questions

1. i bought a yz440 motor with the wet sump installed but i had no instruction from the other owner. where do you add oil? is it on top of the head where the oil overflow originally went back into the oil tank? also, how much oil do i put in with the kit. the people who installed it did not take out the nuetral switch and put the site glass in.

2. THE BLUE WIRE MOD- do i just cut the blue wire that comes to the plug from the nuetral switch? or is there more to it. and does ti really help?

thanks in advance for helpin me :)

For the oil put the bike on its side (kick starter side down) then take out the big plastic plug in the side cover and add oil through there. Not sure how much to add though. Good luck

oh okay. does anyone else know how much to put in the motor? and change it what, every 2 or 3 hours?

how bout that blue wire mod

thanks alot yzfan!

Here is a pic of the Dr. D site glass that replaces the neutral switch. You then can remove the switch and wiring harness and chunk it!!


the blue wire helps a bunch. i did it to my 400 and it starts on the first or second kick no matter what. you should be able to pull the connector out of the plug, but i tried to do that on mine and the wire just came out. its stills works though and im glad i did it.

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