Baja vs Eletrex

Any suggestions on a headlight for a 98 yz400.

I dont want the ugly e-line stator, just need enough light to do some trail rideing.

My vote goes to electrex. I'm running the full dakar kit. street legal in PA.

99400f street legal


00huskyboy jr cr50

91kx125 :)

I have the Electex. I didn't go with the full Dakar kit. I have a 45w coil. Just enough for a 35w headlight, tailight and brake light. They also have a wr coil and flywheel setup that puts out like 130w. The 45w coil costs $170ish. The wr setup will probably set you back like $300 or more. I just e-mailed them to find out a price. Ill probably be switching over to the wr setup sometime in the future. 45w dont put out much light.

Want to but a slightly used 45w coil? Just put it in this spring!

I am running the wr setup w/ excellent results. :)

99400f w/tags


00huskyboy jr. cr50


What kind of headlight are you useing?

Electrex will not sell just the headlight,

also I need to know what kind of switch to use.

Thanks to all!

Im running the Acerbis headlight w/ 2 round 35w bulbs in it. I think its called a bilitz light?

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