Remember Tera-Flex, there back...

Hey Folks-

Last night I was at one of my local independant m/c shops and they had Tera-Flex tires. Man, I thought those have since been long gone, anyway he said they are making them once again. Pretty gnarly looking tread pattern, but that's what they were known for. Just brought back some old memories, thought I'd share. :)

I've used them years ago

Very hard to mount

very heavy

But you can ride for weeks before you relise it's flat


Could running a rear tires this heavy actually be a benefit? ... as far as adjusting your bike in the air with brake and throttle action. What are your thoughts?

I had called Interco Tires about them, they are the company that makes mud tires(super swampers) etc for 4x4's..I guess it is a steel belted tire..sounds tough and they had prices in the mid-50$ range..they gave me a number to their expert on the motorcycle tires in Ohio..Tom Lorden was the contact at 330-337-3062, I didn't follow up but would be interested in how these hold up, heard they were a hillclimbers best friend back in the day....They are on Interco's website also under Teraflex...

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