wr 450 header pipe

need some advice. it looks like i'll have to replace the stock header pipe on my wr. one crash too many i guess. how about a review on my choices. stock; $250ish (anybody got a take-off for sale) fmf power bomb; $160ish. white bros. e-series; $150ish. i'm not sure they all fit the stock can.(except oem, of course)

I guess it all depends on your budget. My bro-in-law kinked his in a slide-out and put on a stainless from a 01 YZ426 which he got for $25!

that's the sort of deal i need. it's not smashed flat so it still runs but it can't be helping the power. i figured if i'm going to find one, it'll be here.

buy a guard from E- line , it might save it next time

i'm not sure anything could have prevented this. it's bent up. i noticed the crease in the pipe first, then how high it was on the motor. it's kind of like bending a soda straw, they flatten out. i'll give this site a couple days for replies then i guess i'll get the credit card out.

Take it from me. I am on my third header. The stock Titanium unit has an issue with heat fatigue and after 6 months of riding it takes only a few rocks and a small log getting tossed up at it to bend it in and then it collapses very easily. I have switched to the WR426 SS header. I think it will last longer. I really think the issue is the Ti is to weak after it is heat fatigued from riding every weekend for 6 months. :)

thanks indy. thats the sort of info i've been looking for. who's (brand) did you end up with? it looks like they all list the 426's and 450's as different numbers.

I ended up with the stock Yamaha unit for a WR426 SS. I bet aftermarket ones are cheaper. I think I will go with an FMF Q exhaust in the near future. I think the FMF header will not work with the stock exhaust. Be careful that you get an aftermarket that will work with the stock can if you are going to keep it that way. :)

what aftermarket head pipes will work with the 04 wr can?

and the oem 426 one bolts on?

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