Sticky throttle

My throttle no longer snaps back to to idle, is there a spring I can replace or do I just need replace the cable and maybe the throttle tube as well?


When was the last time you took the Throttle assembly apart and lubed it ?

If Never

The Take the Throttle assemble apart, clean, lube and oil / Replace the cables if needed

Plus the Carb has a spring make sure all the cables are off and test the return at the carb making sure its not the vilian

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What Ego said. Plus, if you fall on the right side, the end of the throttle tube can be pushed up against the end of the bar. If this happens, loosen the screws at the inside of the throttle tube and slide the whole thing to the right a little (maybe 1/8").

Good luck,



If you have a brand new bike you will need to tighten your throttle cables as they stretch. After riding weekends for about 2 weeks my throttle had alot of slack "about 3/4" play" it is suppose to be between .010-.025. Got mine a little to tight the first try and the bike was slow to go back to idle and was a little harder to control the throttle when riding. Did the second adjustment and all is fine.


thanks guys, I'll check it out tonight.

All good advice, but definitely check the cable to see if it's frayed! Check the carb side of the cable.

When I checked mine, the plastice throttle housing was cracked and rubbing the bars. I replaced it with an Oberg throttle tube (from Motosport Outlet), which has a bearing in the end. It feels and works great.

Better to have a sticky throtlle the a Sticky Wicket

Marck_UK can you explain a Sticky WIcket


If you have stock steel bars, take the throttle off and sand the rust off the bars, then coat with WD-40 or some light oil


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