Need advice please. New WR 04 ????

I am putting together my new :D WR tomorrow... :D

I am going to remove the airbox snorkel & exhaust baffle before i fire it up.

Is there a stock carb setting that should accompany these mods. I live at sea level.

I thought turning the air in a little & dropping a groove on the needle maybe a start :) fuel screw ??????

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I will be aquiring a JD Kit down the road but i cannot afford it right now :D

Also, is there anything else i should keep in mind when assembling my bike ???

Its a good idea to grease the rear suspension bears and the head set. They seem to be a little cheap with the grease over in Japan.

As far as jetting, what year bike is it?

2004 WR 450 F :D:)

I live at sea level too and the stock jetting seemed to work great on my bike, If you are not planning on any exhaust mods anytime soon or big changes I would keep it stock. I did put in the JD kit and I am having mixed feelings/results from it, I am not sure if I need to adjust my pilot jet or what, but it is not running like it did stock for me. Of course, I need a course in jetting too because I am not all that learned in the art. do you have a canadian bike too?

Yes, i have a :) WR.

I only have 50 km. on it so far. I got it on a couple of days ago. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I uncoked the exhaust after 10 km & it certainly made a difference.

I was worried about the power after just getting off a KX 500 for the past 4 years, but i'm not worried anymore :D

The WR has usable power right through the rev range & is wicked for wheelies :D

Man, i've been riding forever & the WR is the best bike i've ever ridden in terms of usability.

I can't say enough.

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