Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals

Is anyone out there trying to qualify for the Amateur Nationals. I made it through the first round, but need to practice and get in shape for the regional. I am in the North Central region and will be racing at Nashville, Illinois in June. If anyone on this board will be there, let me know and we can talk.


Wassup Jay my name is Conrad and im going to try for the Nationals this year again myself. IM from Jackson Tenn.I too ride a 426 few mods nothing major. Our area qualifier is this weekend and hopefully we both can hook up and do something...


I already raced the qualifier in our area. Will you be at the regional at Nashville, Illinois?

Yeap i will be there!!! 01'426,big gun exhaust,azonic bars,14/50 gearing,blue wire mod,45pj,165mj,it rip...

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