Looking for OEM trail tech for 18 xtrainer

I know it’s not actually a trail tech on the 18s. The book calls it a digital instrument. Using that language and the part number ( I can’t find it anywhere. Looking foR one or something similar that I can plug and play using the same mount and wiring harness 

So the broken tabs-not working speedo its not TrTech but the OEM one...

And the bike is not an RR-S (which I guess most of us believed) but an XT....

You can't P&P whatever appears in front of you,

Your bike has OI and the speedo has idiots lights to warn you about low level/system malfunction .

It happened before, instrument may have been overtightened from PDI or even the factory (this goes for the broken tabs). But if not working, is not related to the latter but to incorrect battery installation or printed circuit breakage.


My advice is once again, contact your country importer.....

If it is an Xtrainer, the OEM speedo on mine broke at the right mounting tab after about 30 hrs. The plastic just failed on its own at the base of the mounting tab. So, the plastic is marginal.  I used shoe glue to fix it...no problemo. (shoe glue is the stuff of dreams on dirt bikes, IMO, I've even used it to successfully repair rubber exhaust isolation brackets where the rubber separates from the steel, seat rips, etc... It just does it all.) Because it stays flexible, it seems to withstand vibration better than epoxy.

I would venture to say that a trail tech striker would work fine too, all you'd need is to wire the oil warning wire to an additional light.  Trail tech makes an indicator light "dashboard" mount that is designed for turn-signals, high beam, etc., but could also be used for that oil light.  You could get a trail tech striker with that setup for about $130.  (walmart sells the striker for about $80 and the light-display mounts go for about $50).  You may be able to find better deals than that?  I used that setup on a Suzuki RMX250 that was street legal and it was very sturdy.

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I think you're likely looking for a unicorn.  Trail Tech made the OEM speedos for 2015 and 2016 bikes (and maybe some earlier years too) and then Beta went to a company in Spain for the 2017 and 2018 OEM speedos.  As mentioned above both speedos include additional wiring to accommodate Beta's two OI warning lights, headlight high-beam light, and turn signal light.  So even on the Trail Tech equipped bikes a Trail Tech Endurance II isn't a direct swap.

FWIW the bike's harness appears to be the same for both speedo models, but the electrical connectors are unique to the particular speedo manufacturer (plus the Beta-specific features.)  So the only plug and play speedo is likely an OEM replacement from Beta USA or a Beta dealer.

If your issue is broken mounting tabs, as some others have also reported, you might be able to have it replaced for free by Beta even if the bike is no longer in warranty period.  I've read elsewhere that Beta has acknowledged that some screws used for factory installation were too long for the application, leading to excess force on the mounting tabs as they bottomed out during installation.

I find the low OI light to be pretty funny. If someone can't simply check their tank before they ride, they deserve what comes next. Easiest fail safe with OI is when the bike is put away, top off the oil and gas. :prof:

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