WR exhaust

ive been running my wr400 with the uncorked exhaust and was wondering what kind of DB numbers it hits. I hear alot about these inserts that people have been running on this board to be legal. What kind of fine do you get for to loud of an exhuast. I ride two tracks and power lines mostly but im going down to an ORV trail and wondering about the chances of getting a ticket by the DNR?

Stock exhust with no insert runs around 107 DB.

I don't see the WR450 on the list?

Get the insert from pro moto billet. It looks trick and keeps the db's down without loosing any power. I've run my bike without an insert and with this one and I can't tell any power difference.

Don't look at it as how much you can get fined if a conservation officer catches you, but look at it as the fewer people that hear you on powerlines and dirt roads, the fewer people that will complain and call the DNR or cops. Especially when most powerlines here in MI are illegal to ride, you don't want people hearing you riding from a mile off. :)

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