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74 Yamaha gtmx a 80 (gt80)

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I’ve realized that my 2 oil seals for the crank are leaking as the left one is causing any adjustments to the carb to be useless and the right side I know has a leak because it’s a little too smokey.


I’ve taken both sides off and can’t find any techniques or solutions for taking the fly wheel off and the bolt for the right side crank. I have added my attachments to help make sense of this description.


Does anyone know if these nuts are left or right hand threads that would help a lot too.



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There should be enough thread showing on each for you to chase them with a pick and determine right or left hand thread.

The inside of the flywheel for the puller is left hand for sure .

You better pop that clutch basket back on and jam a piece of aluminum in between the primary gears before you hit it with that impact.

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