Should I?????????????

Okay at dove springs I just blew a piston ring, which means I will have to do another top end overhaul, I am considering putting in a wiseco 11:1 compression piston in place of the stock 9:1 piston. I have no trouble firing up the 9:1, my compression release isnt even adjusted to the point where it works. I can start up my friends 12:1 compression Husaberg 600, which is a left side kick, and has no kickstand, so you get the idea I can start high compression bikes. I am wondering if it is worth it to put in the 11:1, will there be any problems such as heat, etc. Mainly I would like to know what kind of power increase I will be looking at here. Any help is appreciated. -Matt

I'm running a 11:1 in my 97, I also upgraded the cam (Web), added a oil cooler, and Keihin FCR carb. I do not know if Heat would be a problem without the oil cooler. I'm running 14/43 sprockets and this combo works real well in the open desert.

take a look at all your options.

The Weisco 680 kit. The BD 715 kit.

The ROSS 12.5:1 piston...with a big cam--now thats a nice set up!

If i was you i would call Rob Barnum and have a chit chat with him. We each may have expereince with 1 or 2 or 3 of your options, but he has seen dozens and dozens of BRP's with the various aftermarket pistons installed.

Issues like long term reliability, gasoline quality (do you ride remote Baja?) and cam size are also parts of the equation....

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