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Buying advice - LTZ400

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I'm looking to buy a LTZ for my wife.  I got a DRZ few years and I know the engine but what should I check on LTZ before buying?  I don't own ATV so give me some hints!



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you do know its Practically the same motor 
Even though he said he's aware they are the same motor not one part of that response indicates answering his question was even comsidered. Sorry even if he had no clue they were the same motor I don't get the thought process of typing in hitting send with that response. Yes it appears I'm being a jerk and sorry if you are one who shares knowledge and are in the percentage of people who help people and enjoy it. Still sounds like I'm being a jerk and that's the problem with not being able to see or hear how some things are said.

I responded because I'm curious about this as well and I've even had few l t z 400 and 2 DRZ. I wasn't keeping stuff for very long during this time.

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I've owned 3 LTZ 400's. It's one of the most versatile and dependable quads ever made IMHO. Very friendly power delivery, yet strong enough to pull most any hill and run surprisingly close to 450 sport quads like the YFZ450 (which I also owned). Comfy enough to ride all day, yet sporty enough to blast trails at race speeds and ride MX tracks. One of the best machines to ever wear the Suzuki badge, in either the 2 wheel or 4 wheel variety.

Things to look for? This quad is really easy to work on, and just about everything is fixable, but you just want to be sure the price reflects the condition. Here are things that come to mind:

  • First thing, I always check the motor to make sure it wasn't warmed up just before I got there. I always want to check cold start to see if there are any problems with battery, carburetion, valves, etc. If the owner felt the need to warm it up then I'm immediately suspicious. And be sure to check the electric start several times to make sure it engages properly and immediately turns the motor over.
  • Check for bent/cracked/damaged axles, A-arms, frame members, etc
  • Check for damages underneath. Remove guards if necessary. Quads ride low to the ground, and can take horrendous damages in rocky terrain. Be sure to check shock linkage and rear sprocket
  • Get on the quad and check to be sure the suspension is well balanced front to rear and side to side. Should be smooth and relatively quiet. Make sure there aren't leaks.\
  • Check the air filter for dry rot, extreme filth, etc. One of the few things that can destroy this motor is dirty air.
  • Check to see if the oil looks decent. Black burnt smelling oil is a bad sign of course.
  • Look for motor oil leaks everywhere
  • Check for fresh gas. If it's been sitting for a long time (especially with ethanol fuel) you could be facing carb rebuild
  • Run it up and down through the gears 5 or 6 times under load. On this quad you should experience super smooth clean shifts.
  • Look for bent/damaged rims
  • Check the exhaust for damages/cracks (especially at the mounts)
  • Check headlight and brake light
  • I generally tally up all the smaller junk that looks like it's not in great condition: chain, sprockets, brake pads, seat, air filter, pegs, grips, levers, cables, battery, tires, etc. I don't sweat a few things, but if there's a bunch of this stuff then I make sure the price reflects the cost to restore everything to reasonable safe condition.

Probably missed some things, but that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Good luck!

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