Is our race track doomed?

Well, Saturday on the way out to the track, this is what I saw:

Picture of what I saw

This was previously a cow pasture with a thin barbed wire fence, and now suddenly a decorative wooden fence with what appears to be openings at the perfect distance to meet roads on city blocks! :) Immediatly I thought the worst.. HOUSES!! Keep in mind, this is WALKING DISTANCE TO THE TRACK! They have motocross, dirt track for cars and a shooting range. So at the gate I asked the lady, what are they building? And guess what, HOUSES!! Damn!! Is our track doomed to be closed? Worst yet, I said are you guys worried the new residends will complain about the noise and get this place shut down? They said, nope it will "never happen". Wow with an attitude like that it will happen even faster! HELP! What do we do?

Hey Thump

But what I see is a UFO :)

Dang good shot of a UFU or a flying Rubber Boat

Oh I get it now

Yes the track is doomed take less then 5 years I would bet

Better start the edumacation now at the track

BTW great UFO though

Looks like you better get friendly with the Seminole Track Thump!!!!! :) If I get my bike back together this week I should now be able to ride next Saterday. Chat later Rob

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