1996 XR600 head shake under acc. any cures out there,

I have a 1996 xr 600 baja kit .fork brace,dot tires.under accleration I have head shake.off road, bikes front end wants to slide and dart around ,feels unstable.I have track master 2's on bike ,with #18 air in each,HELP

Maybe this is too obvious but my gut feeling is that the steering head bearings/nut is loose. Also, I've heard that if the swingarm bearings/mounts are loose/broken, it can be felt up front.

I hope this helps


Desmo probably nailed it, but also check the simple stuff like making sure your front wheel is true, making sure both forks have the same amount of oil in them and that your compression / rebound settings are the same between each fork, etc.

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