Advice on selling bike

What's the best way to sell a dirt bike ? I've posted on every message board and for sale forums about my bike, but with no luck. Is an add in the local newspaper still a good way or cycle-trader ?

What is a fair price for '99 YZ400 in great shape ?

Thanks for your help

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The best thing about your local paper is that you know the people are close to you and you don't have to worry about shipping and trying to describe the bike over the phone. Go to for your blue book value. A good guide is to go somewhere between trade in and retail value.

I can tell you not to bother with CycleTrader- at least the online-only add. Complete waste of money. I placed a feature add($$$$$$ cha ching), had a midrange price and got one phone call from someone who was not very serious. Can't speak for other methods. I am keeping mine. It will be a great bike for a very long time if you take care of it.

You didn't mention what price you listed the bike at. I bought a '99 yz400f in Feb.-01 for $3000. At the time I believed the bike's value was around $3200. When i bought my bike it had brand new yellow plastics with the hurricane kit (it looks pretty cool if you like yellow). :):D

Had it at 4500 "make offer" which is middle ground for these bikes in my area. They generally are listed for 5500-4000 locally. My bike is a very low hour 2000. I also noticed that the one that was advertised at 4000 did not sell for 2 weeks- I don't know if it ever sold. Again, this was an internet-only Cycle Trader ad. I can't speak for the print ad.


Last year or year before, there was s story about a guy selling his bike. Some guy came over to the house and bought the bike for cash. An hour later someone knocked on the guys door, broke in and demanded he give them money. He told them he didn't have any and they shot him. He told them where the money was and they took the money.

Not sure if was true or if I have the story correct but, it could happen??????

Always meet the interested party somewhere, besides your residence.


I've sold all my bikes from the cycle trader. But, you need to list the price to sell. I think 3k - 3,200 is resonable.

Good Luck

I will not call an ad unless there is a price posted or it just says "make offer" that is so stupid, I want to call and say "I offer you $5 bucks".

On another note, if a seller won't let me go to his house, I won't buy from them. Here in Nevada you don't need to register your bikes so no one has a title. This makes it easy for people to pass off hot bikes especially at the grocery store parking lot.

Thanks for all the replies guys. I was asking 4K, I've dropped the price to $3900. If you click on the link in my signature "pictures" you can see what kind of condition the bike is in. The pictures were taken a day before it's last ride.

Bill, Don't worry I've read all sorts of horror stories, no one will be coming to my house plus I plan on bringing some muscle where I meet the interested party.

Yes I have the title, but you still can't come to my house.

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