426 in a street racer

Think there's any way to fit this motor into a YSR-50 frame? :)

talk about a wheelie machine!

Wow, I never thought I would see that! It weighs more than I would have expected, but I bet it's fun! That guy has some skills. :)

I think A guy was racing a 426/RS125, at Willow Springs last month. I heard it was under 200lbs

Some day I'm going to stick my WR250 motor in my wifes bike...


Just need to figure out how to start it...

For those of you who don't know. This bike is a 50cc 2 stroke that is street legal in the USA and will do 70 mph. There is a company that makes a 75cc top end kit for this bike the will allow it to see 80-90 mph depending on gearing...


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