Brake Fluid

have you guys noticed any difference between the high-dollar DOT 4 brake fluid available at the local shop vs. the stuff Wal-Mart sells?

The stuff at the local shop is 4 times as expensive. I dont mind buying it, but is the extra cost justified? I think Wal-mart wants 1.67 for a bottle vs 8.50 at the shop.

I use Valvolline Synpower Dot 4 brake fluid. Same stuff you buy at the auto parts store. I think it was about $3 or $4.

DOT 4 is DOT 4 right? Same specifications no?

I use whatever is at WalMart.

I used some high dollar "motorcycle" brake fluids in the past then had to bleed my brakes in a pinch with nothing but random automotive pennzoil or something.

I felt no difference whatsoever so I started just using whatever I can find at Wallyworld. So long as it's DOT4.

I bleed my brakes whenever the fluid looks dark. It's so easy to do I sometimes just do it while I'm waiting between practice sessions.

DOT FO' is DOt FO', xactly. :)

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