Clutch noise when clutch sliping

I notised on my wr450 2004 that my clutch plates are getting dry if I do not rev the bike often e.g. if I drive it in low revs. If I pull the clutch and rev it 2-3 times oil gets between the clutch plates and evetithing is fine for some time...

Has anyone else notised this behaviour and is there any known fix? I know I can drill some more holls in my basker, but is this the only fix?

ok fellas, I guess you all do not have this problem... which is strange as mu friends wr450 2004 (same bike model) has it also... Maybe we must try thinner oil? We are now using 15/50 on both bikes, maybe 10/40 will solve the problem as more oil will get to the clutch. C'mon tell me what you think!

I have never heard of such a thing as the clutch plates getting dry? I assume you have the correct amount of oil in the engine. How can you tell that they are getting dry? Does the clutch slip? get grabby? Maybe your clutch just needs a little bit of adjustment. I would not drill out the clutch basket. This is the first I have heard of a problem like this on a WR.

Yes, this is the exact word "grabby". I was searching for it, but as english is not my native language....

I think that the main problem is that I do not ride the bike with more revs.

As for from where I know it is dry clutch, I had this case with one YZ426. I opened the clutch and oiled all the plates one by one and the thing dissapeared.

Thanks for the help tp3dxf!


All WR's have a Wet Clutch system. The same oil that lubricates the engine also lubricates the clutch.

It sounds more to me like an issue of adjustment rather then a "dry clutch" situation.

What type of motor oil are you using?

I think a few simple cable adjustments may be in order here. RPM's aren't the problem. Well mabye they could be. If you are not reving the bike and have it a gear which is to high it may or will stall or kind of lurch. If that is the case just downshift to a lower gear.

I use motul 300V competition from 3 years and I never had this problem. I now rev the bike a little and there is no problem now. Thanks for the help!

Just to make sure - do you check your oil exactly like the manual says? If you don't run it for a couple minutes then shut it off for 10sec. then you can't trust the dipstick.


Yes. Oil is fine. Thanks for the sugjestion!

same problem what did you come up with

The guys over on the YZ450 side drill extra oil holes in the inner clutch hub or drill them oversize to 4 mm diameter. The 03's had issues with grabby clutches and this solves the problem. Do a search of over a year ago in the YZ450 forum and it should pop up. Pics and drilling instructions were included. The WR450's dont see the clutch abuse of MX racing so we do not see the issue as often. But in a nut shell not enough oil is getting between the plates during use. :thumbsup:

I drilled extra holes and now things are really better. Almost never I feel grabbyness (?)

BTW I noticed that with my style of riding the bike runs cold, about 65C/150F. I guess this may also affect grabbyness...

Glad to hear that the drilling worked for you. I have been folowing this issue for a while but my clutch works fine without the mod. But I dont fan it like the MX guys do. :thumbsup:

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