no spray of gass!!

Just got done cleaning out my Carb. After bolting it back on I'm trying to check the duration of the accell pump spray of gas. I have a BK Mod on my carb. No gas is spraying out at all. Any ideas of what I should check?

If you just took you carb apart I assume all the gas is out of it including from the Pump Diaphragm as well

Two things here

One you either have the GBmod adjusted to not allow a duration

Two You have no gas in the Pump itself


Three The Pump Diaphragm is damaged or not working correctly.

I would more say one or two

John nailed it!

OK -

I buttoned the bike back up.

Started it - seamed to run good.

Did a could laps around the yard.

Tore the subrame back off

checked for Spray - none??

I've got me BK screw backed out all the way. Would running the bike "prime" gas into the pump? Or do I need to manually "prime" it somehow?

I sent you a few posts from this as well

Check your PM

Just in case

No AP Squirt

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