timing marks

im fitting a auto decomp cam and have encountered the following problem.

the two dots on the intake cam do not allign with the face of the cover as described in the manual , should they be flush as the left hand one seems to be above the casting face when the right one is flush?

any pics of one apart would be appreciated as like a fool i didnt take a pick before i removed the ond exhaust cam

What cam are you installing? I have some powerpoint pictures I downloaded so I would have them when I got around to changing my cam.

I'll have to check but I think the pics are for the YZ cam install and I would think that the timing marks would be different between the YZ and the WR, but they still may help.

there is only 1 dot per camshaft that you allign. Forget that the other dot even exists. On the Inlet cam, it's the dot closest to the carb. On the exhaust cam, it's the dot closest to the radiators


thanks that makes sense

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