Hey hey hey! How about those Avs players, eh??

...and a save by Roy!

...Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Look out D-Troit, we are comin' for you next!!

Hey... someone pinch motousa! Because HE'S DREAMING! :D Detroit is going all the way this year... :D But i do admit, we always have a problem beating Colorado. You seem to put up a good fight, but still loose! Muahahaha :)


We can't wait to kick your Avs rear ends here in D-Troit :D:D:)

yeah, literally, fight! :)

[ May 16, 2002: Message edited by: dsoll ]

Which guys ride the Yamaha's ?

Who are the Avs?... Oh the Quebec Nordiques, yeah they're playing the Wings. At least I can look forward to turning on the TV and not seeing Mike Ricci's ugly face on my big screen. Personally I'm rooting for Toronto. Being the die hard Hartford Whalers fan that I WAS. I cannot root for my franchise after they relocated to A place where fans come to strictly to watch the "zamboni race" in between periods.

Who are the Avs?... Oh the Quebec Nordiques

Jealous??? GO AVS, Red Wings SUCK!!

ok, cmon now, they dont suck. they ARE number 1 in the league, aren't they?! :)

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