Quick XR650L Valve Question


I'm just doing the valves for the first time on my XR650L and have a quick question. Are there two "T" (TDC) marks on the flywheel? I aligned my flywheel with the "T" mark went to check valve clearance and couldn't even get a 0.0025" in the intake or exhaust. I rotated the flywheel again to "T" and this time I could measure the clearance on all valves no problem. I rotated the flywheel again to "T" and couldn't measure anything because it was too tight. So are there two "T" marks? Is one of them related to the internal compression release I've seen mentioned elsewhere?


Nope. Just 2 times that your piston is at the top of the stroke. 1 is on TDC when all valves are close and you measure. 2 is at the top of the exhaust stroke and the valves are open and you can't measure. The T mark only says the piston is at the top of 1 or 2. Put your finger over the spark plug hole and the pressure will push it off when you are coming up on the compression stroke (where you can measure valves)

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