RichB--We are thinking of you

Hey fellow TT'ers. RichB who is one of the regulars here, works for the military. He has gotten deployed to Turkey effectve immediately. He was given two weeks notice and had to quickly close up some loose ends. He also had to leave his wife and children behind.

He did not tell me why he was being deployed. I could only speculate (and hope!!) that we will soon be dropping some laser guided missles and bombs on Baghdad.

Rich, If you somehow get online, we want you to know that your fellow TT'ers are thinking of you. Cherie and I want you to know that we pray for the Heavenly Father to watch over you. Godspeed my friend.


Give 'em hell RichB!

why dont we just take the troops out of the middle east and blow the whole damn thing up. Then we could put an end to all this crap.

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