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Is Spark Arrestor on 2001 CR250 stock muffer/tailpipe?

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I have a 2001 Honda CR250R with the stock exhaust pipe and muffler.  Is there a spark arrestor on the stock Muffler/tailpipe?

I don't see a screen when I look in the tailpipe, but is there one already inside the muffler?

If not,  can i easily install one in the stock muffler?

Or  i was looking at a FMF spark arrestor insert but i don't think it would fit in the stock tailpipe?

Or FMF make the Turbinecore2 Spark Arrestor Muffler.


Anyone have one of these and recommend it?  Or do you recommend something else?



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there's no spark arrester on the stock muffler, b/c a CR's an MX bike= don't require spark arrest.

The turbine core is what i'm using.

No complaints. works fine.

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