Wrist Brace ???

I am recovering from a wrist injury for the second time and wondered if any one had any experience with the different wrist braces that are out there. The second injury pretty much a re-injury but added a another chip to radius bone. I am looking for a brace or support wrap that I can ride with comfortably but provide some stabilizing for the lack of strength in the wrist. I am not smart enough or patient enough to stay off the bike for 3 to 5 weeks like the doctor says to. Any suggestions other than the the one my wife keeps repeating?



After I broke both of my wrists, I tried the EVS braces and couldn't get use to them. I wish I could have but to no avail. I think it would help if you get gloves a size larger than normal because that is where I felt it most.

Last year I had wrist problems and I used EVS's

ws91 wrist stabilizers.They worked great once I

got used to them.I used them all season with one

size larger gloves.

I broke my wrist when I was 12 "motorcycle" and it broke the growth plate and it didn't grow right and has always been weak.I have tried alot of braces including the EVS and I always keep going back to the VETRAP made by 3M for horses. It's kind of like an ace bandage only thinner and it sticks to its self,It's not sticky to the touch it only sticks to its self.You rap it like you would a ace wrap only its thin and I wear the same size glove.Now I wrap both wrists just to prevent injury.Any horse tack shop or feed store should have it and the Pet Smart by us just started carring it in the horse section.IT comes in all kinds of cool colors too. :)

I wear the Large $18 (and most supportive) EVS wrist brace for my left hand since I don't need to be able to twist anything, just hold on. I use the $7 wrist wrap for my right hand. It adds some support, but still allows me to twist the throttle.

I highly recommend both products. EVS rocks!


just a thought

i broke my wrist last year, after the opperation i wore just a neoprene wrap round my wrist.

but i also fitted a set of foam handlebar grips.

they worked great and basically took out most of the knocks

without them i couldnt of ridden for a good while

they dont last long but by the time they have worn out your wrist will be strong.

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