Frame for sale?

Hey all,

I haven't been riding for quite some time now because of my broken frame. It is cracked right along the "Y" juction where oil flows, and I have taken it to 3 welders, and none of them will touch it. So, now that the weather is nice, I'd like to get back to riding. My only option is to buy a new frame, and the dealer wants mega $$$ for one, does anyone know of anybody selling a frame?



Just a thought here....why couldn't you buy the dry sump conversion from Dr D and then you could tell the welder, he can take it apart and rebuild/re-enforce the area.

Try to find someone in your area that works on sprint car frame or race cars.


Check your pm's

Yamaharacer, I have a 2001 yz426f frame, If you are interested let me know and we will discuss the price. Later

you might want to give BBR a call, they always have frames from project bikes!!!

Thanks everyone, ShiftX and Yamhaha426flyer, check your PM's...


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Yamaharacer,I do have a title to the frame.A friend of mine is a pro quad racer and bought the bike for the motor.He took the motor and ignition off and i bought the bike for parts since i have a 2001 yz426f. Send me a pm with your phone number and i will call you and we can discuss it. Later.

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