Starting a Flooded 2004 YZF450

I'm sure this has been answered many times before but my search was unsuccessful.

I finally got to ride my 2004 YZF 450 today that I bought used for the first time (Wow is she fast!) I had no problems starting it hot or cold but I did tip over once and the bike apparently flooded and was impossible to start. I kicked like mad full stroke with no throttle and fiddled with the hot start lever. Nothing.

I'm sure I screwed up when out of desparation I did the old 2-stroke trick of pinning the throttle and pushing the kill switch but I was out of options and out of energy.

Any tips on starting a flooded YZF other than push starting?

only suggestion is to pull the hot start and kick the bike over until it fires up. Do not touch the throttle EVER when starting the bike.

If you kick the bike 20 times and it doesn't start you are probably better off changing the plug and get back to riding. Otherwise you could get very PO'd at the bike! LOL

i agree just holding the hot start in and no throttle, you also might want to check out this mod. it's for the neutral sense switch. the bike is set to have a lower voltage to the spark plug when the bike is in neutral, doing this FREE mod is supposed to bump up the voltage while in neutral. this is not only supposed to help starting but, also increase performance check this link for more info.. i haven't done it yet but, will be doing it this week.

ive made the same mistake dont hit the throttle, it has actually helped start the bike quicker but slowly foules up your plug.just pull the hot start lever and keep on kicking it over.My bike was really hard to get started and after about 10 day rides it now starts a lot easier and I havnt done the blue wire mod.

If your bike is new I changed my oil every ride and it took about 8 rides, these are full day rides and me changing the oil after every day ride before the oil started coming out clean the next oil change.there is so much aluminum flaking from the case and brakin metal the first few rides its best to change it every ride for a while anyway, heck it only hold barely over a quart of oil, its cheap.Anyway good luck its a sweet ride!!!!!hold on

Just bump start it. Find a big hill.

Twist the throttle open s l o w l y. Hold wide open and slowly but fully kick over 10-12 times to clear the cylinder. I usually only ever have to kick over about 5 times and I can fire it up no problem after flooding. When you hold the throttle open it is letting air in freely to help clear out the cylinder. Just my $.02.

I flooded the hell out of mine once and what I did was turned off the gas and laid it over to drain the carburetor of fuel and pulled the hot start and she started in 10 kicks instead of 20. That is probably as good as it gets.

Also when I start my bike I always bump the motor over till the kickstarter gets more difficult to push down which is near top dead center and it starts first kick with a very lazy kick.

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