Any 2002 YZ426 Broken Shock Linkages?

Yesterday I landed off a jump somewhat hard and went into the next turn like a low rider. Glad there wasn't another jump right after that one!!! The linkage piece that bolts to the frame broke around the shaft that bolts to the frame. I was curious if anyone elso has had this problem. Just trying to decide if it is a design flaw or a defective part. Since the new bike has only six rides on it, do you think Yamaha would warranty it? I would check yours for cracks!!!!



Its gotta be a bad part. Ive never heard of that before. But hey, who the hell am I? :)

I've seen the shock bolt back out and put a nice crease in the side of that part, but it doesn't sound like that is what caused yours to break.

How long have you had the bike? Have you ever greased the bearings?

As for your dealer (or Yamaha) helping you out w/ the part, it won't hurt to try, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

That part runs about seventy bucks, not counting the twenty or so you will probably spend on bearings (which I think need to be pressed in) and seals.

Sorry about your bike, hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I bought the bike last February and with midwest winters and all this rain lately, I have only ridden the bike five times. Looking at the part closer it appears that the hole that the frame bolt goes in is not centered in the linkage forging. In other words the edge distance from the hole to the outside of the forging is thick on one side and thin on the other, It broke on the thin side. There was grease in it and the bolt was tight.

The local Yamaha shop is going to talk to Yamaha about it to see if they might warranty it.

I could post a picture of it if someone is interested and could let me know how to do it.



That's wierd, usually other things break on hard landings, but not the linkage. Sounds like you showed your dealer - good job. I would like to see some pictures of that.

I talked to the dealer today and Yamaha is going to replace the part, seals and bushings. That is great that they are standing behind it! I was lucky it broke in an area in the track that didn't have a second double right after this one and cause me to have a serious crash!

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