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1995 XR200R kickstarter spring, clutch and shift star/cam replacement

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My XR runs great but I've had a problem with the kickstarter not bouncing back and folding up and it doesn't seem to have as much range as it should, making it a pain to kick over sometimes.  I think it has a weak shaft spring.  Also since I got the bike I have a hard time going down to first gear.  I'm often going up a steep trail with roots and I try to get down to first and it hits neutral and I'm stalled on a root at the worst time.  Sometimes it takes 2-3 down shifts to catch first.  I'm thinking the shift star might be worn.  Anyway, I thought if I'm going to tear into this thing I might as well replace the clutch, shift star, kick starter spring and anything else while I'm in there.


So far I ordered the kick starter spring, EBC kevlar clutch kit, the clutch spring, shift star/cam, shift plate, gearcase gasket, and oil pump gasket (not sure if I need that or not).  I want everything I need to do the project but I see some o-rings on the oil pump diagram, part number 91304-KK3-830.  Will I need those?  Also should I replace any of the springs inside the shift drum while I'm in there?  Looks like there's three on that diagram.

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