YZ450 clutch

I hate the *&^% clutch on my 03 YZ450. I never seem to get a good shift from 1st to second or back. Seems it always wants to go to neutral. I want to change it but am not sure which one to put in. I have heard the Hinson basket and plates are the best. Anyone have one in there YZ450. Also, I have never changed one. Are they pretty straight forward or should I pay the shop price up at Grand Prix???

I do 99% of my riding on trails. Almost no track riding.

Thanks for any help.


You should be able to fix it with a Hinson inner hub for about 180 bucks, the stock one has very few oiling holes that is why it seems like it is grinding because the plates are dry. My 02 426 had at least 32 oil holes my 03 450 had like 8 if I remember correctly, I have not taken the 04 apart yet but I have a Hinson clutch for that one on the bench. :)

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