Trying to save some time "tweaking"

I have a 2002 426 that I have just purchased a used Dr. D pipe for. Being the power nut that I am and reading what I have in these posts, I thought this might be a good time to start messing with the carb and jetting to squeeze a little more out of the old girl. Here are the questions that I have:

1. Is the "BK Mod" necessary and helpful for the 2002 model? I have heard mixed opinions.

2. Should I build one of those fuel valve gizmos?

3. I live in Dallas. Anyone that has had success with a similar arrangement that can contribute carb settings would be cool in my book.



The BK mod isn't helpful if you don't need it. On older bikes, they all needed it. Now some may and some may need more AP, not less.

Good luck,


I agree with Mark, don't to the BK if you don't need it. Its an easy mod if you have a drill and a tap, but why mess with it if you don't need to? If the "fuel valve gizmo" is a handle of some sort for the fuel screw, I would recommend that mod. It makes adjusting the fuel screw a lot easier, you don't have to fight to find the screw up in its hole. A lot of people have made one similar to the one on motoman393's site, I made one as well, but messed up my fuel screw in the process, so I am buying a Kouba extended fuel screw with the T-hande for $20 bucks. Kouba Click on this link to check the Kouba out, but if you want one you will have to order two ($25 minimum order). You can also get just a T-handle from Kouba for 16 bucks. Good luck!

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