Bent Rim-Repair or Replace?

I let my neighbor ride my bike around the back of our development where new houses are about to go up. He got out of control and went across the street and ran into the curb...then up into the field. He didnt crash, but the front rim bent from the curb impact. The tire is still holding air but when rotated on the stand, the rim is way out of round. The bend is also visible when not rotating and looking at it from the side. None of the spokes seem to be bent though.

My questions are:

1. Can a bent rim be repaired?

2. How tough is it to lace a new rim? Is it worth doing yourself with no rim lacing experience?

3. Does anybody know where to buy a new excel rim for less than $95.00?

4. Does anybody want to trade a front wheel for a stock 01 exhaust?

5. What color should i get? I have an orange/blue 426...Im thinkin now is the time to get gold excels.

6. Has anyone polished there hubs to a shiny finish?


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Bend the back one just oppistite of where the bedn is in the front.. That will even things out and stabilize the bike :)

if you get new excels get blue.check them out __hr_my%20wr420%20stroker%20big%20bore%20kit.jpgwashready.jpg

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Freestyler, you've got an awfully pretty motorcycle there. Ive never noticed anyone with blue fork gaurds before, I like em' :)

get the blue rims

I agree, get the blue rims. I bought my bike used a couple months ago and it came with blue rims, at first I thought it would be toooo blue but it looks trick and people at the track say it looks bitchin plus it is kinda original cuz everyone already has black and gold rims...

I laced up my own rims an it wasn't that hard. It'll save you about 60 bucks each wheel. Then all you have to do is pay 75 bucks or so each wheel to have them trued. I think I am gonna get blue rims next time too.

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Make your neighbor buy the rim.

1. Sometimes. I’ve had luck loosening all the spokes an equal amount of turns and then retruing. If it has an easily visible/noticeable flat spot you are probably going to need a new rim as I don’t think you can reliably straighten that type of damage.

2. I’ve never laced a motorcycle wheel, but I’ve done several bicycle wheels in my day, and from that experience am willing to pay my local gear shop $60 to lace one for me. It can be done in your garage but I’m sure it would be a frustrating experience on your first attempt (insert disclaimer about mechanically gifted savants here).

3. I think a new Excel front rim (no spokes or hub) ran me about $100, but it may have been more than that, and my local gear supplier is always very inexpensive.

4. Not me.

5. I’ve not seen golds, but the black and blue ones I’ve seen seemed to scratch easily, I talked myself out of black rims because of this.

6. The problem w/ polishing is it never lasts. Before too long the shine will fade and you will want to touch them up, problem is, in this case, you would have to disassemble first. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t bother.

Sorry about your neighbor, hope this helps.

you can buy one at there are about 99.00 each and you can chose any color...!!!

Unless you have a truing stand and all the proper tools I.E. dial indicators and such. I would not attempt to do this i the garage. Hick is right for someting lie that either buy a new one or get a new rim laced up.....

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