For Sale: Scotts Billet Sharkfin *brand new!*

How much faster will it make me ?

How Much Weight does it save ?

and Most Of All

WHY ? :)

Just sturing up to PooPoo

I bought it a couple weeks ago on a closeout sale and once I got it it wont fit my bike. :)

It will only fit 98 WR/YZ 400's (why Im not sure) and a few other YZ/WR 250 & TTR models. I have the info at home on what exact models/years it does fit and if you need to know I can check later. (I got the exact list of what models it does fit from Scotts Performance)

If you need to know more about it you can check it out at

Its brand new and it retails for $130 new.

Please send me a reasonable offer if intrested.

Send all offers to:

Please do not leave offer here.



will it fit a 00 426?

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