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On 7/10/2018 at 7:24 PM, MarantzManiac said:

The super light Echo is simply put a game changer... much to the dismay of the Stihl faithful.... it's perfect for light to medium trail work.... and easily fits in the backpack   

Dismay of the Stihl faithful? Dismay? Echo? :facepalm::lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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Thankfully, here in the coastal South the downfalls are usually so rotten that you can just lift them off the trail. Rarely need a saw. If too big to move it's almost always easy to go around. Buy you folks who have lots of deep woods have much better scenery. I'd trade in a heartbeat and carry a chainsaw if necessary. Here I carry a Sportsman Pocket Saw.

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8 hours ago, motumatai said:

Wow, I envy you guys, being able to head out to clear trails with those sized saws.


Here in NZ the trees are a wee bit bigger, requiring slightly bigger gear. They don't seem to make chainsaw carriers our size, so we have to improvise:

The 36" bar on the saw  manages most of the small to medium sized trees we encounter on trail, but  for the big stuff we have to use the 48" bar, which actually bungies onto the handlebars OK, you just can't forget that its there when riding in the tight stuff!


We ride in pairs normally, as you can see the chainsaw bar requires a power head at both ends to chew through the big stuff. Otherwise you spend too much time sawing and not enough time riding:ride:



We would get about 5ft (1.5 metres) with the bar strapped to the handlebars like that before hitting trees. 

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Yeah, OK:lame: you've seen through my attempt at humour. I've only once needed to carry the big saw in. As others have said its much easier to go around than through. On this occasion though the 4x4 needed to follow us with all the spare gas and camping gear, so we went ahead to cut through a couple of monsters across the trail. requires quite a bit of thought to ride with something that heavy onboard as you can imagine:)

Like most of you the most useful bit of trail clearing gear I carry is one of those little folding hand saws, and possibly a folding shovel for benching slopes that you can't afford to fall down.....

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On 7/11/2018 at 11:36 AM, wwguy said:

Front mount handles better, the saw is better protected, and the saw is easier and faster to deploy and stow between cuts.  

Agree on front mounting. I found rear mounting was very unbalanced in steep terrain with the gas and oil back there too.

On 7/10/2018 at 6:25 PM, MarantzManiac said:

sure and the Stihl 170 is nearly double the weight too.... apples and oranges.... think what it costs to knock 5 pounds off our bikes.... now put that weight on your back or forks and add gas, oil, wrench, water etc....

Simply put that''s why you pay more for the Echo.... bar size is insignificant as most folks go smaller anyway.... buy the Stihl if it's what you like.  

Stihl and Echo both make great saws. Having owned both, if you are going to cut at high altitude be sure to get a new electronic ignition system not CDI.

My Stihl MS201TCM with M-Tronic adapts to any altitude up to just below timberline around 11000 feet or so.

It is a little heavier but the extra power really comes in handy with large trees at altitude. It can be run wide open under load without overheating.

On 7/11/2018 at 10:00 AM, redhurricane said:

I like the convenience of the front mount like Bill Dart makes or even Trail tech, but like the headlight more. 

I run LED lights on the bars, see pix at link below. Hi/Lo beam would need some more work.

Info on my new 3rd generation rack is here with details and pix:


Not mounted on a Beta but I have owned an Xtrainer and am always a Beta fan! ;)

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