Magura Hymec Clutch Owners...

Does anyone here have the Magura Hymec clutch installed. What are you thoughts on its performance, its it worth the price, how easy is the pull?

My biggest concern is pull force, the relaibility and auto adjustment are secondary.

Also, anyone have any idea on how to make the pull easier without majors mods?? I would like to easily be able to ride with a MX style grip .. (Middle finger pull).

I put a Magura hydralic clutch on my bike and the pull isn't all that much easier.To me it just always feels like a well lubed well adjusted clutch.It's no big deal to install and the compresion release lever on it is a nice touch.It's a nice unit the pull just isn't all that much easier.

I thought I had a broken piece in the clutch until I got bored one day and lubed the cable. What a huge difference. I had no idea the cable was sticking so badly. I bought the bike used, so I thought thats the way it is, big thumper, it makes sense. You can extend the clutch arm and get some ease that way. MXA did an article on it about 2 or 3 months ago.

Buy a Yamaha XT550 clutch lever. You won't believe the difference! Not only easier pull, but better modulation as well. I love mine, but the cost is steep for just a lever, $12.00!

What year of XT550? I dont see an XT 550 on the Yamaha site for 2002. I need to know exactly, my local dealer are a bunch of bone heads, Im sure they will ask me 1000 questions about it.

I put a Magura hydralic clutch on my bike and the pull isn't all that much easier.

Enduro Engineering make a billet aluminum clutch lever that has a different ratio, they claim a 40% reduction in pull. They're very well made, and they work. Enduro Engineering

I have the Hymec on a WR400, and it was a vast improvement in effort and feel, one of the best mods I've done. You just have to watch out for a few things. First, because of the way the slave cylinder hooks into the clutch arm, the slave cylinder rod gets a slight side load as it rotates the pin in the clutch arm. Mine very quickly fatiqued and broke the threads on the end of the slave cylinder rod where the nipple screws on. I repaired it by disasembling the slave cyl, and brazing on a new nipple, and no problem since (3 years). Second, use the rubber boot off from the stock clutch cable on the slave cylinder rod, otherwise sand etc may cause slight binding. Third, I made a nylon cone shaped washer to put between the slave cylinder and the bracket that it pulls against (same one the cable uses) so that the washer would wear, not the aluminum slave cyl. Last, you can unhook the torsion spring at the clutch arm to get even easier pull. (I didn't see that in the directions at first!) I think it is overall a good improvment, but I wish the slave cylinder were a little more robustly designed. It can be made much better with very little $$$ and some spare time. I think the Billetanium unit looks better built, but it also costs much more.

I have a '99 yz400, and they were known for overheating a clutch and getting really tough to pull. Once I put on the magura hydraulic it was 100x better. I think they fixed the clutch on the 2000's and later so it wouldn't really make a difference. If you have a '98 or '99 I highly suggest it.

No more problems late in the moto.

I have a 99 yz400 and with the Magura, the clutch pull is 1 finger. This is definately a fore-arm saver on the track. I'd hate to race without it.


I spent $25 to have my actuator arm extended(by a local welder) by 5mm, the clutch pull is about 25% easier. Do a search on easier clutch pull, you will save yourself a couple hundred bucks. I have a 01' 426.

I drilled a new hole in my stock clutch lever where the cable barrel goes in nearer to the pivot and ground i little metal out so the cable has a straight shot to the adjuster and now the pull is half as hard as my buddy's 380 EXC with the Magura.I also like the modulation better since doing this mod.If you don't like it,just put the cable back in the stock hole :)

Why don't you just get a Rev-Loc clutch and not worry about the pull at all. :)

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