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FCR Coast Enricher removel

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The coast enricher effective richens the fuel mixture on deceleration but cutting air and that prevents backfiring.
A perfectly working coast enricher is a good thing and has no performance down sides.
However over time the coast enricher parts wear, hoses leak and low speed jetting goes to hell.

A properly tuned pilot circuit does not need a coast enricher, factory leaness was the reason for it. Many bikes of later years or other brands did not come with the enricher nor do most of the aftermarket supplied FCR's...


Removal of the coast enricher is simple ..


Remove the nut and two hoses in red circles



Connect the two remaining nipples with the proper sized hose and clamp them down with zip ties or clamps
Plug the no linger vacuum port on the cylinder head with a cap
And your done
..If you have significant back firing at deceleration now, most likely your pilot circuit needs adjustment.
a year or so down the road, if you think you have a vac leak...check that rubber cap you put on the cylinder head port..the rubber caps commonly found at auto parts places do not last very long in the heat and operating environment. If you can source silicone vacuum caps, even better.

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