setting bead

I just replaced my rear tire (did't last very long....) and was wondering how to get the beads to properly set. I put it on and put around 20 psi into it and there is an area (3") that hasn't set....should I just put more air pressure in it?

It's not OSHA approved but,I always have to put more air in it. :)

Could also put soapy water around the bead.

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Ya your going to have to blow it up pretty good. I just mounted a 756 in the back (stiffest tire I ever mounted) and ended up putting 60 lbs in it before the bead was seated all the way around.

Thanks for the replies...i'll go put more air in.

use some wd-40 to lube the bead. It should slide right on

You can pretty much safely go up to around 45 psi...and it if it still won't seat, beat on the sidewall with a hammer around the area that won't pop out. It helps to use a little water/soap mixture as a bead lube beforehand.

Soapy water is the KEY to easy tire installation. Mix alot of dish soap into a squirt bottle filled with water and air up untill the bead sets.

When I chaged my front I used windex (like soapy water but evaporates better) and left it overnight. The bead was mostly OK, but after the first trip around the track it was perfect. Someone on here advised me to ride it once and that would seat the bead properly and it worked. :)

I'm with ShawnMC on this one. For the 756 I pump it up to about 40-50 psi and then I bounce it off the garage floor a few times. (Make sure you take the axel spacers out or they will be flying all over the place) If it doesn't work, I just let it sit overnight. If that doesn't work, I go ride anyway then it gets seated.

Another thing that makes life easier is to clean the rim thoroughly before installing the tire. Those little bits of dirt and rust make it difficult for the bead to seat. I never use soap and water, etc., to mount the tire - I only spray it on just before I air up the tire. I have had no problems with getting a bead to seat since following this method.

Hey fireball

I would advise against soapy watter. I used to put dishsoap on the bead. Worked great. Till I noticed it eating the aluminum rim. Not good. Stick to the spray lubes ie WD-40. they work just as good and dont eat the rim.

YZman400: That must be one hell of a dish soap! Your sure it was the dish soap and not something alse? I've been using soapy water for three years on my 99 and inspect the rim every time I change tires. I haven't noticed any deterioration. What kind of soap were you using?

As said, fill the tire and bounce it, in the area where the bead has not "popped". You can also lay it on the floor and hit the side of the tire at an outward 45 degree angle. Or let it sit.

Bill :)

I was usingg just plain dish soap like dawn. Not diluted though. Full strength. If you use soapy watter you may be alright due to the fact that it is diluted. I started doing it after watching a friend use it to mount car tires. he would squirt it right out of the bottle on the bead. It works great but it eats aluminum over a couple of years. I dont do that anymore.

One of the easiest ways to set a bead is to be sure and take the valve core out before applying air. It won't restrict so much air when filling and will seat the bead much quicker.

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